Fukushima Badge Project

Our aim is to build up an attitude of openness, whereby Fukushima residents are encouraged to show their opinions about nuclear power generation. This enables the residents and the public all over Japan to declare their feelings. The general attitude among the Japanese is that one does not force one’s opinions on other people – it is considered impolite – most particularly, since a year from now, opinions about nuclear power. With an easily recognizable badge it is possible to declare your attitude without intruding on other people, while identifying other badge carriers.

When discussing this sensitive question with others, we have found that people don’t know where other people stand – even close people that they meet on a daily or weekly basis. Because the issue is so sensitive, the subject is avoided. There may also be pressure involved, opinions forced upon employees and so on.

We want to break this deadlock. Oh we also supply pro-nuke badges, same design, but with a different color.

A Fukushima person said, “If Fukushima public servants wear No nuke badge, public transport affix No nuke stickers to the vehicles... then I will be brave enough to wear the badge. Most people in Fukushima are reluctant to show their point of view. The general feeling is “keep it to yourself”.
I myself live in a small village 2 hours from Tokyo by car. Even here in my neighborhood, I cannot speak about the nuclear question.
One of my friends, living 30 km from the Fukushima, in an area with very high radiation, says: “There are very few people I can talk to about the disaster.”
This is something we hear again and again, all over Japan!

That’s why we have started to help people say NO. Including ourselves. We say NO to nuclear power! Too many human errors involved.
We are weak, we are small, we are little, we have no money, we have no power or influence.
We thank you, great friends, who have already had the guts to say NO in public. We are late, but we are coming to follow you in saying NO!

* We are producing No nuke badges for Fukushima people, to be given free to all takers in the prefecture.
* In fairness, we are also making a Yes nuke badge. There may be people who cannot say yes! No opinion suppressed.
* One of the first recipients is the Fukushima Prefectural governor who has made a “quit nuclear” speech. The prefectural assembly has voted against nuclear, but no appeal has been made to the Japanese government, nor indeed to anyone!
* We are making No nuke badges for Japanese. We are going to sell these badges, each at cost for 2 badges: one you keep, the other one will be distributed for free among Fukushima people. We’re making a lot of badges for Fukushima public servants.
* The badge design is open for all who want to produce badges. The design is available for all takers.
* Naturally the badge is also freely usable outside Japan, indeed we recommend it.

Fukushima badge project
Contact: E-mail fukuhsimabadge@gmail.com
  +81-50-3347-2191 (allow for poor English)

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